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Core Concepts of Motivational Interviewing

CE Credits : 2.25

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Specialities :   Clinical Psychology

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Core Concepts of Motivational Interviewing is organized by

CE credits: 2.25

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When asked in this video why Motivational Interviewing has been so successfully adopted in such a wide range of contexts, Cole responded: “I think once professionals start utilizing MI, they begin to get the sense of how it does shift the typical way that we work with people. When we shift that [tendency to] tell them what to do… clients respond to it quite well. The counselor actually begins to enjoy the process as well, because it is very collaborative and it takes the counselor out of the position of having to know just the right thing for this person. It can actually be a much more relaxed way of working with people.”

If you are tired of the power struggle when you try to help your clients improve their lives, this video will provide you with a philosophical approach and corresponding techniques that will make your client interactions much more effective and enjoyable. More than anything, MI teaches you how to get out of the way and really listen to your clients, which, believe it or not, is often one of the biggest challenges helping professionals encounter.

After watching the discussion, role-plays, exercises, and clips from actual sessions, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to begin applying the spirit and techniques of MI immediately. Much more than an introductory lesson on Motivational Interviewing, this video is geared towards those brand new to MI as well as those who want to hone the MI skills they already have.

Learning Objectives:
• Describe the spirit of Motivational Interviewing and how it differs from other approaches.
• Understand how MI is applied in counseling sessions, including developing a partnership, and listening and responding to the language of change.
• Identify and practice specific techniques used in MI to engage clients, help them fully explore their ambivalence to change, and develop an action plan. 

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• Multi-User -  STREAM + Instructor's Manual- Starting at $150.00 per year. Institutional account required.
• Need CEUs for this video? Earn 2.25 CE Credits. -- Buy CE Test: $34.00 or 2.25 CE Points

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  • CE Credits : 2.25
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