Comprehensive Disease Management for Patients With Asthma is organized by Nurse.com - OnCourse Learning Corporation and will be held from Feb 26, 2018 - Feb 26, 2021.

The target audience for this medical event is intended for multiple professions, including nurses and respiratory therapists. This CME Conference has been approved for a maximum of 1.0 Contact Hours.

Course Description:
In- and outpatient management of asthma is complex and costly. Alternative healthcare settings can help decrease the severity and frequency of exacerbations of asthma through guided pharmacological therapy and reinforced patient and family education. A comprehensive disease management plan integrates patient information, clinical guidelines, and educational outcomes to improve health status and reduce costs. Healthcare professionals can improve the lives of patients with asthma through education by teaching daily management of their disease and avoidance of long-term problems.

Conference Objectives:
The goal of this asthma management continuing education module is to describe how healthcare professionals can implement a comprehensive disease management program for patients with asthma.
After studying the information presented here, you will be able to:
• Describe four reasons why asthma is increasing in the U.S.
• Explain the four components of a comprehensive disease management program for asthma
• Discuss the key components to a successful management plan

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available

Intended Audience

Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Asthma Clinical Immunology

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