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Case Based Approach to Soft Tissue Injury

CEUs : 4

Organized by :   DConline

Specialities :   Emergency Medicine, Musculo Skeletal system

Conference Summary

Case Based Approach to Soft Tissue Injury is organized by DConline.

Hours: 4

Course Description:
This four-hour distance based course will provide health care providers with current information concerning active care approaches to low back pain. Topics covered will include the epidemiology, basic science, pathophysiology, active and passive treatment approaches to soft tissue injuries. The learner’s participation (time) is actively tracked and logged.

• New developments in the classification of muscle injury
• Current Concepts in Tendinopathy
• Soft Tissue Healing and Mechanotransduction
• Manual therapy and exercise interventions for soft tissue pathology/ new developments in soft tissue treatment

In this course, the learner will:
• Remember a new classification system for muscle injury.
• Consider the key risk factors for hamstring injury.
• Study the pathomechanics of hamstring strain.
• Survey rehabilitation techniques used in return to play after athletic hamstring injury
• Review the terminology of tendinopathy
• Consider current best practices in treatment of tendinopathy
• Review the stages of soft tissue healing
• Become acquainted with mechanotransduction and its role in soft tissue care
• Understand the concepts of periodization and exercise/load selection in therapeutic exercise
• Survey manual therapy approaches to soft tissue injury
• Become familiar with new concepts in therapeutic approaches to soft tissue injury.

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

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  • CEUs : 4
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