Breathing Essentials 202 Course

Hours : 2

Organized by :   OnlineContinuingED, LLC

Specialties :   Respiratory Therapy

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Conference Summary

Function of Respiration is organized by OnlineContinuingED, LLC. This Course has been approved for a maximum of 2 Hours.

Course Description: 
Function of respiration is a 2-hour seminar which continues with the anatomical makeup of the thorax that was initiated in Breathing Essentials 201. Detailed descriptions of the muscular component of the thorax including function of these muscles will be discussed. Correct breathing mechanics and the physiology of respiration will be covered. Adverse physiology will be introduced. This thread will be continued with in Breathing Essentials 203: Altered Breathing Patterns and Their Consequences.

The importance of the diaphragm and its numerous functions will be presented. Discussion of Differential Diagnosis of the Thoracic spine will also be discussed. The videos for the Respiration Labs will present breathing observations, a review of rib biomechanics, a patient video, chest expansion measurement, breathing techniques, and numerous breathing exercises will be presented.

Educational Objectives:
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Describe the physiology of breathing and how altered pH can affect the body.
• Describe two functions of the diaphragm.
• Identify limited chest expansion and Bradcliff angles and ski jumps.
• Identify limited lateral costal breathing and how to facilitate normal lateral costal breathing.

Credit Info

  • Hours : 2
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