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Bipolar and Related Disorders: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Strategies, 2nd Edition is organized by Western Schools and will be held from Oct 10, 2017 - Oct 31, 2020. This Conference has been approved for a maximum of 3.00 Contact Hours.

This course will provide nurses with information to assist in their understanding of bipolar and related disorders, risks and prevention measures, identification, assessment, and management across the course of the illness. Nurses with a focus on prevention and holistic care will gain knowledge and tools to better identify the complex factors that affect these clients, including assessment of the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder, understanding of associated risks and appropriate treatments, strategies for crisis management and recovery, and relapse-prevention and symptom-management strategies for long-term stabilization.

Nurses are tasked with collaborating with other health professionals and making appropriate referrals in order to provide a continuum of care that helps patients gain stability; as such, resources and appropriate supports are presented. Nurses work with individual clients and the support systems affected by the symptoms of these disorders. Recognition of necessary and appropriate supports for individuals and families is essential to promoting recovery. Written for nurses, this basic-level course presents essential information about bipolar and related disorders, including epidemiology, signs and symptoms, causal and associated risk factors, assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and implementation, symptom management, relapse prevention, and outcomes evaluation. 

Course Objectives:
• List the different types of bipolar and related disorders.
• Recognize etiological and other risk factors and comorbidities that impact the care of patients with bipolar and related disorders.
• Describe the screening and assessment, including the signs and symptoms, of patients with bipolar and related disorders.
• Describe the diagnosis, planning, intervention, and prevention processes for patients with bipolar and related disorders.
• Describe the management and treatment of patients with bipolar and related disorders.
• Discuss the nursing evaluation and documentation of patients with bipolar and related disorders.

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Clinical Psychology


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Clinical Psychology

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