Biologics: Big Molecules Big Challenges-from Discovery to Therapy Is No Small Feat is organized by University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Pharmacy and will be held from Jul 01, 2018 - Jul 01, 2021.

Course Objectives:
This series gives you a comprehensive look at biologics, from the lifecycle, pharmacoeconomics, FDA outlooks and manufacturing and delivery considerations, to pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, and bioanalysis during development. You will also learn the main therapeutic areas of biologics.

This series is available as a complete set or you may select specific modules that you are most interested in.

Course Modules:
• The Biologics Life Cycle
• Pharmacoeconomics of Biosimilars-Financial Implications for Manufacturers and Payers
• Dose Selection for First in Human Dosing for Biologicals in Drug Development
• Clinical Pharmacology of Therapeutic Proteins
• Hybrid Immunoaffinity LC‐MS Technology in the Development of Protein Drugs
• Bioanalysis of Biologics by LBA Methodology
• Drug Delivery Considerations for Biologics
• Therapeutic Areas of Biologics
• Manufacturing Considerations of Biologics
• Understanding FDA Outlooks Surrounding Biotech Products
• Biosimilars-Challenges and Possibilities

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.

Intended Audience

Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Medicine

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Activity Fee : USD $2700.00

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