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Best Practice Regarding Gentle Caesarian Section

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Best Practice Regarding Gentle Caesarian Section is organized by Pfiedler Education.


Pregnancy is one of the most profound events for a woman and is laden with physical and emotional experiences. It is generally a time of joyfulness and well-being, however, it can become overwhelming when complications occur that place the mother and unborn child at risk. These complications may result from medical conditions that prevent the mother from having a vaginal birth and leave her with the only other option--a Caesarean Section (C-Section) birth. Some women find traditional C-Sections distressing due to the surgical nature of the procedure and the initial separation from the baby immediately after birth when a physical and psychological connection between mother and baby is especially significant. Over the past few years a new trend has emerged for mothers who want more of the feeling and environment of a vaginal birth, during a C-Section. This patient-focused modification of the traditional Caesarean process has been introduced as a “Gentle Caesarean Section” birth. The goal of the Gentle C-Section is to provide a more patient- and family-centered experience without compromising safety and sterility and make the delivery as natural as possible. The purpose of this activity is to provide nurses and other healthcare professionals (HCP) with a general understanding of the fundamentals of Gentle Caesareans, the benefits to both the mother and child, and howto implement some of the practices found during and after vaginal deliveries into the operating room.

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