Balancing Work & Cancer Webinar: Strategies for Eating Well on the Job is organized by Cancer and Careers and will be held on Dec 11, 2019. This webinar has been approved for a maximum of 1 continuing education credit per session.

Maintaining a balanced diet while juggling work and cancer is often key for keeping up energy levels, managing symptoms at work and feeling better overall. However, between treatment-related challenges (such as restricted diets, medication schedules, etc.) and workplace challenges (such as limited time, stress and unreliable storage options) often make that easier said than done. In this session we will explore the unique nutritional needs of working cancer survivors and practical solutions for healthy eating during the work day. We'll discuss: 
• How proper nutrition and eating habits can help you manage treatment side-effects on the job
• Best practices for planning and preparing meals for your workdays
• Tips for getting around obstacles to eating healthy at the office
• And more!

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.

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