Assistance with Self-Administration: Medication Savvy for Nursing Assistants Summary is organized by CEUfast, Inc. and will be held from Jul 04, 2018 - Aug 02, 2020. This CME Conference has been approved for a maximum of 2 Contact Hours.

Course Description:
This course informs Certified Nursing Assistants on how to effectively assist residents in Assisted Living Facilities and provide their medication safely. Upon completion of this course, CNAs will be able to discuss laws related to assisting with medication and explain their duties as a CNA. He or she will also be able to describe the process of reading prescriptions, identify the common classes of medication, describe side effects and the signs of drug misuse.

Course Objectives:
• Identify laws related to assisting with medications in an ALF.
• Explain which actions a CNA perform.
• Define the "7" rights of medication administration.
• Explain how to read prescriptions, which abbreviations are allowed, and how to clarify an order, correct labels.
• Describe the different routes.
• Define the different forms of medications.
• Identify the most common classes of medications.
• Describe side effects to look for.
• Identify ways to store medication.
• Explain the signs of drug misuse.

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.

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