An Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy

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Organized by :   CONCEPT Continuing and Professional Studies at PAU

Specialties :   Psychotherapy

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An Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy is organized by CONCEPT Continuing and Professional Studies at PAU.

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Course Description:
It is well-known that shame and self-criticism can be difficult problems to treat in a range of psychological problems and may even prevent people from seeking help. Compassion Focused Therapy was developed by professor Paul Gilbert. CFT was specifically developed with and for individuals with these difficulties, in part by helping them develop a compassionate orientation to themselves and others by elaborating on cognitive behavioral strategies. CFT is an evolutionary and neuroscience-based approach to psychotherapy that articulates how the evolution of attachment and affiliative emotion regulates threat-processing and the emergence of our self-identities. CFT integrates evidence-based therapies with the basic insight that our emotions serve an evolutionary function, and that recognizing this can help de-shame and de-pathologize painful symptomatic experiences, towards greater engagement in therapy. CFT has a growing empirical evidence to support its efficacy in a broad range of complex cases, including trauma and rigid personality structures. The webinar will cover the basic concepts of CFT with PowerPoint presentations and describe experiential practices with the use of emotion focused, cognitive behavioral and imagery practices.

• Experiential practices
• Cognitive behavioral practices
• Imagery practices

Learning Objectives:
• Describe perspectives from the evolutionary model that underpins CFT towards psychoeducation, by offering clients insight into the three types of affect regulation systems (threat, drive and soothing)
• Describe insight into the complexities and conflicts within the threat system processing
• Describe the Fears of Compassion scale, and framework towards assessment, psychoeducational, experiential and behavioral treatment goals

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