Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation Part 1: Body-Based Therapies is organized by AAACEUs. This CME Conference has been approved for a maximum of 22 credit Hours.

Course Overview:
Part 1: Body-Oriented Therapies
•  CranioSacral Therapy
•  Chiropractic Therapy
•  Massage Therapy
•  The Feldenkrais Method
•  Yoga Therapy for Neurologic Illness
•  Tai Chi
•  Nutrition

Part 2: Mind / Body Therapies
•  Clinical Hypnosis
•  Meditation
•  Biofeedback
•  Psychotherapy
•  The Placebo Effect

Course Objectives:
•  Describe the benefits/mechanisms of Craniosacral Therapy
•  Describe the Feldenkrais Method and all its components
•  List the benefits of Yoga Therapy
•  Discuss the benefits of Tai Chi on the patient's health and well being
•  Describe how Clinical Hypnosis fits into the Holistic Health Model
•  Explain the healing principles realted to Meditation and discuss the physiological effects of meditation.
•  Describe the concept of Biofeedback, and it's mechanisms for treatment.

Describe the following methods of psychotherapy:
•   Insight-Oriented, 
•    Counseling, Supportive therapy, 
•   Nondirective therapy, 
•   Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.

Intended Audience

Alternative Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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