Alcoholism: Facts, Comorbidities, and Treatments is organized by AAACEUs. This CME Conference has been approved for a maximum of 6 Credit Hours.

In this course, we discuss the history of alcohol in the United States and the relationship of alcohol with American society including recent alcohol-related facts and statistics. We then present alcoholism according to DSM-5. We further explore the physical effects of alcoholism, related diseases worsened by chronic alcohol abuse (such as cirrhosis), and treatment options for alcohol abuse. We then highlight several relationships including: age and alcohol, women and alcohol (including fetal alcohol syndrome), dual diagnosis and alcohol, PTSD and alcohol.

Course Objectives:
• Define alcoholism, treatments, and complications of diseases related to alcohol use.
• Compare and contrast the DSM-IV and DSM-5 criteria for alcohol use disorder (AUD).
• List signs and symptoms of alcohol overdose and the recommendations for safe amounts of alcohol for both women and men.
• Explain the benefits of moderate drinking.
• Describe the relationship of alcohol on age, dual diagnosis, PTSD and the complex relationship between alcohol and women.

Course Outline:
• Alcohol in America
• DSM-IV and DSM-5 changes related to alcohol use disorder (AUD)
• Facts about alcohol
• Alcoholism, risk factors, and treatment
• Alcohol related liver disease
• Diseases worsened by long term alcohol use
• Binge drinking and underage drinking
• Special considerations in relationship to alcohol:
   a. Age
   b. Women
   c. Dual diagnosis
   d. PTSD
   e. ADA law

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.

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Pathology, Psychiatry

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