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Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Dependency for LEPs in California

Credits : 15

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Specialities :   Addiction Medicine

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Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Dependency for LEPs in California is organized by maintains responsibility for this course. ASWB Approval Period: 1/5/2020-1/5/2023

Credits: 15

Course Description:
This course is specifically designed to meet the renewal requirements for Licensed Educational Professionals (LEPs) in the state of California. It is a compilation of numerous shorter courses that are already on our website. 

This course begins with a review of alcohol problems and the treatment of alcoholism.  It then provides an overview of the assessment of adolescents in substance abuse and continues with a review of the legal issues in the assessment and treatment of both adolescents and older adults for substance abuse treatment.

The course includes a review of Co-Occurring Disorders that are common in substance abuse treatment.  The course includes a review of how to address suicidal thoughts and behaviors in substance abuse.  This course then concludes with a review of motivation and its relationship with intervention and a review of motivational interviewing as a counseling style.

This 15 hour course includes numerous course materials.  We strongly recommend that students print the exam and answer the questions as they read the course materials.  Questions follow the order of the course materials presented here.  Once you have answered all of the questions in print, you should log into the site and enter your answers.

Course Objectives: 
This course will provide a professional with detailed information about alcoholism and substance abuse.  Specifically, a professional will:
• Identify problem alcohol and substance use with the clients.
• Identify federal laws and other regulations that pertain to communication and disclosure in substance abuse assessment and treatment.
• Identify specific techniques used in the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse.

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  • Credits : 15
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