Activity Objectives:

2019 Psychopharmacology Pearls is organized by College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) and will be held from Nov 07, 2019 - May 07, 2020.

Target Audience:
This self-study activity serves as an educational tool for pharmacists seeking Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist (BCPP) Recertification credit and other pharmacists and health care providers seeking advanced education in patient and disease state management in the field of psychiatric pharmacy.

This recertification product consists of four clinical review articles focused on single disorders, or on one or more distinct aspects of a single psychiatric, neurologic, or substance use disorder. Authored by leading experts in the field and hosted in CPNP’s peer-reviewed journal, The Mental Health Clinician (MHC), these case-based articles will be fully referenced and offer therapeutic advice based on both evidence and longstanding clinical experience. Pearls articles focus on aspects of disease states and their pharmacotherapy that require synthesis of solutions to problems or development of practices that require judgement(s) founded on evidence, but modified or tempered by extensive clinical experience and practicalities of “real world” necessities. The articles are intended to allow you to gain greater insights into the strategies of clinical decision-making used by expert clinicians. Topics include PTSD guidelines, opioid use disorder and pregnancy, clozapine augmentation, and multiple sclerosis.

Psychopharmacology Pearls is an application-based continuing pharmacy education (CPE) activity that releases on November 7, 2019. An application-based CPE activity requires that participants apply the information learned. The examination for this product often features case studies requiring that the participant apply the principles learned through the readings. Psychopharmacology Pearls includes:

Course Objectives:
To satisfactorily complete the Psychopharmacology Pearls and receive 5 hours of BCPP Recertification and ACPE credit, candidates must meet the following requirements:
• Abide by a confidentiality and honesty statement requiring individual completion of the recertification education.
• Complete an online assessment by the deadline of May 7, 2020.
• Meet the minimum passing score to be determined by a panel of experts within four (4) weeks following the exam deadline.
• Partial credit is not available for individual topics within the learning activity; it is either all 5 hours of credit or none.
• You will proceed through the following steps to satisfactorily complete this course:
• Complete the pre-test before starting the activity. (login first)
• Review the full content of the activity and reflect upon its teachings.
• Complete the post-test at the end of the activity no later than the closing activity date. (login first)
• Complete the evaluation at the end of the activity. (login first)
• Wait for the official review of exam questions within 4 weeks following the closing date.
• Receive a passing grade (as determined by a panel of experts within 4 weeks following the closing date).
• Provide the necessary details in your profile to ensure correct reporting by CPNP to CPE Monitor.

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Clinical Pharmacology

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