Suicide Intervention and Prevention is organized by Wild Iris Medical Education, Inc.

Expiration Date: 2026-06-01

Course Description:
6-hour suicide prevention CEU. Discuss suicide intervention and prevention, including assessment and treatment modalities for suicidal behavior, management of patients at risk for suicide with major depression, and other risk factors.

Course Learning Objectives:
1) Review the language and common beliefs regarding suicide.
2) Discuss the epidemiology and etiology of suicidal behavior.
3) Summarize the risk and protective factors for suicide.
4) Describe the process of assessment and determination of level of risk for suicide.
5) Outline the management and treatment modalities that may be used for persons at risk for suicide.
6) Identify public health approaches for suicide prevention.
7) Discuss ethical dilemmas that arise in relation to suicide prevention and intervention efforts.




PsychiatryPsychologyNursingEmergency NurseMental health Nurse


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