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Duration: CME/CE Points: Author(s):
CE Credits : 10

Human Sexuality is organized by CEmobile, LLC.

Course Credit(s): 10  CE Credit or Hour

Course Description:
This human sexuality course achieves a sound balance between facts and understanding, giving participants the information they need to help others make responsible decisions and feel comfortable about themselves while learning about sexuality. The chapter topics discuss hormones and sexuality, similarities and differences in our sexual responses, sexually transmitted and sexually related diseases, birth control, pregnancy and childbirth, communicating about sex, gender identity and gender roles, sexual orientation, love and relationships, sexual problems and therapy, sexual victimization, and sex and the law.

Learning Objectives:
• Describe the sexual and reproductive anatomy of females and males and the relationship between hormones and sexuality
• Describe the similarities and differences in sexual responses among females and malesDescribe the causes, symptoms, and treatments for sexually transmitted infections
• Compare the various methods of birth control and their effectiveness and the processes underlying pregnancy and childbirth
• Describe the various factors that impact gender identity and gender roles, define sexual orientation, and describe differences in sexual orientation
• Describe sexual development across the life-span
• Describe adult sexual behaviors and attitudes and various factors that impact love and relationships
• Describe different sources of sexual problems and types of treatment, and paraphilias and sexual variants
• Describe the scope of sexual victimization, including rape, coercion, harassment, and abuse of children

Course outline:
• Our sexual and reproductive anatomy
• Hormones and sexuality
• Similarities and differences in our sexual responses
• Sexually transmitted infections and sexually related diseases
• Birth control
• Pregnancy and childbirth
• Becoming a woman/becoming a man: Gender identity and gender roles
• Sexual orientation
• Life-span sexual development
• Adult sexual behaviors and attitudes
• Love and relationships
• Sexual problems and therapy
• Paraphilias and sexual variants
• Sexual victimization: Rape, coercion, harassment, and abuse of children
• Selling sex: Social and legal issues

Note:- This course does not expire.

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