Communications in Healthcare course is organized by Pedagogy Education - Online Continuing Nurse Education. This online continuing nurse education course has been approved for 1 CNE Contact Hour.

Overview :
In a review of over 2000 medical incidents, a Joint Commission study revealed that communication problems were the root cause more than 65% of the time (Haig, Sutton, & Whittington, 2006). Of those 2000 incidents, 70% resulted in a patient’s death. Other studies show that communication problems are at the root of 90% of all patient adverse incidents. Communication, in all its varied forms, is an extremely important part of our everyday life at work and at home. A realization of the many forms of communication that we use daily (some without our knowledge), along with the possible pitfalls involved, will allow nurses to seize upon opportunities to improve communication on a provider-to-provider level as well as on a provider-to-patient level.

Additionally, several methods of improving communications will be discussed. These techniques have been proven in healthcare as well as other communication critical industries. While these methods definitely improve patient safety, their use will also have a positive impact on patient satisfaction. So open your ears and eyes – prepare to communicate clearly to reduce errors and improve satisfaction!

Objectives :
Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
• Explain verbal and non-verbal communications.
• Demonstrate understanding of the essential elements of communications by recognizing the key components of clear communication.
• List 4 impediments to communications.
• Name each element of the SBAR style of communication.
• Describe 4 methods of improving communications.


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