The Nuts and Bolts of Keratoconus Co-management Course

Credits : 1
Start Date :  Feb 01, 2021End Date :  Nov 01, 2023

Organized by :   Pacific University

Specialties :   Ophthalmology, Optometry

Fees Fee :   Starting From USD 39

Conference Summary

The Nuts and Bolts of Keratoconus Co-management Course is organized by Pacific University.

Expiration Date: November 1, 2023

Credits:1.00 credits.

Course Description:
Keratoconus is a progressive corneal ectasia that can lead to serious acuity loss and potential blindness, but eyecare providers are well-equipped to prevent this irreversible vision loss. Masterful management starts with accurate diagnosis, moves to surgical treatments to halt progression, and finishes with optical and surgical visual rehabilitation.

Learning Objectives:
• Review the common in office tools and emerging technologies for keratoconus diagnosis.
• Discuss risk factors for disease progression, and answer the question, “When is the right time to refer  a patient for intervention.”
• Compare and contrast epithelial on vs. epithelial off corneal cross-linking.
• Review the postoperative corneal cross-linking billing and ancillary diagnostics for practice management.
• Educate attendees on a commonly used postoperative visit schedule, detailing the most commonly performed tests on each visit.

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

Credit Info

  • Credits : 1
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