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CME : 10

Autism Spectrum Disorders Seminar is organized by American Seminar Institute (ASI).

Course(s) are Appropriate for:
Family Practitioners, Pediatricians, Internists, General Practitioners, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants (PA-C's)

Short Course: 10 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

Series 1-1B (ASD1-1B) Topics Include: Detecting Signs of ASD by 9 Months of Age, Diagnose Catatonia in a Patient with ASD, Elopement, Classes of Drugs Used to Treat ASD, Treatments for the Manifestations of ASD, and more.

Course Topics:
Language Delay/autism:

List normal developmental milestones for acquisition of language; Dispute common myths about language development; Recognize red flags for abnormal language development; Screen children for ASD using a formal screening tool; Perform developmental surveillance targeted at detecting signs of ASD by 9 months of age.

Neurology 2018: Stroke/autism:
Use appropriate studies and resources to manage the patient with acute stroke symptoms; Facilitate and initiate treatment for acute stroke within the time frames outlined in current stroke guidelines; Recognize potential presentations of emergent conditions in the nonverbal patient with ASD; Diagnose catatonia in a patient with ASD; Create a clinical environment that is conducive to evaluating a patient with ASD.

Issues in Child and Adolescent Development:
Identify children who are at high risk for elopement; Equip parents with resources that can help them prevent elopement of their children; Facilitate coordination between families, communities, educators, and emergency services to ensure safe recovery of children who have eloped; Recognize behaviors associated with pathologic gaming or video game addiction; Create a rehabilitation plan for children with video game addiction.

Perform a thorough evaluation, including neuropsychologic testing, to diagnose ASD; Identify the target symptoms or behaviors of the different classes of drug used to treat ASD; Describe models under investigation as treatments to target the core symptoms of ASD; Recognize the limitations of pharmacotherapy for treating patients with insomnia; Employ cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia as the first-line approach to treat appropriately selected patients with insomnia.

Impulsivity and Aggression/autism Spectrum Disorders:
Sketch the cortical circuits involved in disorders of impulsivity and aggression; Recommend an appropriate medication for a patient with intermittent explosive disorder; Counsel a parent asking about cannabinoids for treatment of aggressive behavior in a child; Manage a patient with an autism spectrum disorder; Summarize ongoing research on treatments for the manifestations of autism spectrum disorders.

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