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Limited OB Ultrasound Course (Jan 14 - 15, 2021)

Hours : 13 +1
Start Date :  Jan 14 - 2021 End Date :  Jan 15 - 2021

Organized by :   Thomas Jefferson University (TJU)

Specialities :   Obstetrics and Gynecology, OBGYN and Women's Health

Conference Summary

Limited OB Ultrasound Course is organized by Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) and will be held from Jan 14 - 15, 2021.

This program is approved for 12 ACNM Credit Hours and 13 hours of AMA Category I credit.

Program Description:
This two day program covers the AWHON recommended curriculum for Limited OB Ultrasound. Live demonstrations and hands-on scanning sessions are utilized extensively to teach ultrasound scanning techniques and protocols. Lectures are geared toward recognition of normal anatomy and common disorders, understanding of the protocols and standards, and performing appropriate measurements and documentation of the procedure.

Typical presentations in this program include:
• Introduction to Ultrasound Physics for Obstetric Imaging
• Introduction to Ultrasound Instrumentation
• Normal Pelvic Ultrasound Anatomy
• Transabdominal Scanning Techniques
• Transvaginal Pelvic Scanning Techniques
• Introduction to Ultrasound Evaluation of the Cervix
• Demonstration of Pelvic Ultrasound Scanning
• 1st Trimester Pregnancy
• Basic Obstetrical Measurements
• Basic Fetal Anatomy
• Guidelines for Limited Obstetric Ultrasound
• Basics of Fetal Biophysical Profile
• Amniotic Fluid Assessment
• Demonstration of Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound Imaging
• Self-Assessment and Case Review

Educational Objectives:
On completion of this course the participant should be able to:
• Describe the basic principles of ultrasound
• Recognize and identify normal structures of the female pelvis on ultrasound images
• Recognize and identify fetal position and presentation
• Distinguish between normal and abnormal ultrasound findings in pelvic and fetal ultrasound
• List and describe the basic fetal measurements
• List and describe the elements of fetal biophysical profile 
• Improve patient care through implementation of limited OB ultrasound in their clinical practice
• Assess their current practice in light of the information and discussions in during the course and identify specific strategies to implement as part of a continuing improvement process for their practice of limited OB ultrasound

Credit Info

  • Hours : 13
  • Credit Hour : 12
Speaker (s)
11 Speakers
Target Audience

This program is designed for the nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or other medical professional who has limited or no formal training in diagnostic ultrasound and wishes to learn the basic concepts of limited ultrasound applications in Obstetrics.

Peers Info
Number of Health Care Professionals Registered: 4 Number
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