International E-Conference on Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation

Conference Summary

International E-Conference on Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation is organized by United Research Forum (URF) and will be held from May 03 - 04, 2021.

Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Congress 2021 is a webinar to connect globally for interaction with participants from the Cardiology Researchers and enthusiast leader’s world’s top research scholars, Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Fellows. The theme of the conference is "Novel Practices and Strategies in Cardiology" which designed to promote the scientific basis for the practice of cardiology and improve our knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Conference Highlights:
• Cardio-Oncology and Nuclear Cardiology
• Cardiovascular Pharmacology
• Genetics of Heart Vascular Disease
• Heart Failure and Myocardial infarction
• Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
• Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
• Cardiac and Cardiovascular Research
• Cardiac Care Nursing
• Cardiac diagnosis, Imaging and Medical Test
• Cardiac Regeneration
• Cardiac remodeling or Ventricular remodeling
• Cardiac Rhythm Abnormalities
• Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation
• Cardiac Toxicity
• Cardiology - Future Medicine
• Cardiology infectious diseases
• Cardiovascular Devices
• Cardiovascular Disease and Nutrition
• Cardiovascular Diseases During Pregnancy
• Cardiovascular Drug discovery and Therapy
• Cardiovascular Pharmacology
• Cardiovascular Risk and Chronic Obstructive
• Pulmonary disease
• Cardiovascular Surgery
• Clinical and Experimental Cardiology
• Coronary Heart Diseases
• Current Research and Advances in Cardiology
• Digital Health And Cardiology
• Genetics of Heart Vascular Disease
• Heart and Lung Transplantation
• Heart Diagnosis Heart Devices

Why to Attend?
• Learning in a New Space
• To Meet Experts
• Global Networking
• New Tips & Tactics
• Rebuild Customer Base
• Certification
• Brand Establishment

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