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6th International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology [ICSP2021]

Start Date :  Mar 13 - 2021 End Date :  Mar 15 - 2021

Organized by :   Tomorrow People Organization

Specialities :   Psychology

Conference Summary

6th International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology [ICSP2021] is organized by Tomorrow People Organization and will be held from Mar 13 - 15, 2021.

International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology [ICSP] is a platform for global stakeholders to gather, network and discuss topics related to human spirituality, psychology and mental health. ICSP offers a unique, culturally and professionally diverse environment, carefully designed to foster personal and professional growth. 

This international conference on spirituality and psychology is open to any and all gender, religion, race and beliefs as our diversity in perspective is what helps broaden our knowledge, understanding and actions on the subject at hand. 

Why should I attend ICSP2021?
Step out of your daily routine and experience another world. We believe that only when we leave our comfort zones do we truly learn and grow. ICSP is an opportunity to meet people you would normally not meet and spend 3 days with, an opportunity to hear stories you might otherwise not hear and, being away from the noice of your daily life you are given a rare opportunity to reflect on what you have learned. ICSP offers knowledge, inspiration and opportunities. We promise:
• Multicultural environment: We typically host delegates from 20+ countries in each conference, because we believe in sharing information and learning from each and that the ability to understand different cultures and perspectives is what the true education should be.
• Inspiring speakers and dynamic themed discussions: We believe that every story matters. Therefore, we give equal opportunities to carefully selected speakers from across the world to tell their stories at ICSP and also invite all delegates to take part in open themed discussions on global issues.
• Professional diversity: We host global stakeholders from academic, corporate, governmental and non for profit realms. This diversity of perspectives an opportunity to learn and understand how to create sustainable solutions that would work for all.
• All age and gender: We believe we can all learn from each other and that every experience and perspective matters. We are proud to at ICSP host both distinguished young professionals and graduate students as well as experiences leaders and scholars.  
• Meaningful and lasting connections: Dynamic program, intimate groups and numerous networking opportunities guarantee new contacts and friendships established at ICSP, with other distinguished delegates from across the world.
• Safe, fun and vibrant location: Safety and well being of our delegates is our first priority. We make sure to choose not only some of the safest places on Earth but some of the most inspiring and exciting ones as well.


• Ascension
• Channeling, astral projection and OBE
• Energy of life, The God Particle
• Evolution of consciousness, DNA activation
• Light, Singularities, Black Hole, Dark Matter and Dark Energy
• Meditation, dimensions and chakras
• Mindfulness
• Nature of consiousness - computational vs. omnipresent theories
• Paradigm shift
• Pineal Gland theories
• Quantum Physics and spirituality
• Religion
• Sacred geometry, flower of life 
• Sacred geometry of the ancients
• Science delusion
• Spirituality and medical practice
• Thoughts and the illusion of material world
• Universal and scientific spirituality
• Vibrational nature of the universe
• Yoga
• ​Other themes related to spirituality

​​• Biological psychology
• Clinical Psychology, Behavioral and Cultural Factors 
• Cognitive, Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
• Consulting psychology
• COVID-19 and its impact on mental health
• Educational Psychology
• Empowerment and quality of life
• Environmental and cultural psychology
• Ethical Issues, Importance and Criticism, Cultural Traditions
• Experimental psychology
• Mental Diseases and psychotherapy
• Parenting and caring
• Positive psychology
• Psychology of family
• Psychoanalysis
• Psychotherapy
• Psychology of Religion
• School and Health Psychology
• Social Psychology
• Social Development, Personality, Cultural Norms, Interpersonal Phenomena 
• Spirituality and Clinical Psychology
• Transpersonal Psychology

Behavioral Health
Behavioral HealthEnd of life care
End of life care
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Target Audience

Who should attend ICSP2021:
Scholars:Present your research and share knowledge with others; Connect with colleagues and professionals working in the fields of human spirituality, psychology and mental health.

Professionals: Share your experience, meet colleagues and network with international community of professionals in the realms of human spirituality and psychology..

Policy makers: Learn from leading experts on issues related to mental health, global case studies and best practices in creating healthy and prosperous society.

NGOs: Raise awareness of your work, learn, share and network with other international NGOs, possible donors and colleagues from around the world.

Graduate students: Meet your colleagues, make new friends and improve your communication skills and knowledge on the matter.

Others: Individuals who want to contribute by making a positive change, gaining new knowledge, skills and friends and become more useful to their own communities.

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