Discover How To Grow Your Practice Faster: While Working Less Hours

Start Date :  May 16, 2021End Date :  May 16, 2021

Organized by :   360° Dental Marketing

Specialties :   Dentistry, Dentists

Fees Fee :   Starting From USD 199

Conference Summary

A special invitation for you!

Discover How To Grow Your Practice Faster: While Working Less Hours is organized by 360° Dental Marketing and will be held on May 16, 2021.

The opportunity has never been greater for smart practice owners to multiply their revenue and profits, while working less hours and putting in less effort.

The new way to grow your practice in 2021 is vastly different to what most others think!

The old way the principal dentist being involved in the entire patient journey process is overwhelming and costs far more in long run.

Smarter, forward thinking leaders in Dentistry are now leveraging the power of their existing resources and the way they operate as a team to drive practice growth.

The three modern levers to smarter practice growth are:
• Increasing the average spend per patient per visit
• Increasing re-appointment rates, repeat visits and referrals per patient
• Shifting more tasks from the lead dentist to the rest of the team

At this upcoming event, you will hear from world class leaders in these areas to help you gain an unfair advantage in your local market and unlock an easier path to growth.

You’ll learn:
• How to systemize your practice so you can work less and achieve more
• How to expand the team’s role in all communications so your patients better understand the unique value and health benefits you offer
• How to predictably increase your re-appointment rate so your growth is powered by existing relationships which will reduce your cost per patient acquisition
• How to drive exponential growth through the power of compounding. Most practice owners completely underestimate this and it is costing them a fortune!

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

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