Infiltration Anesthesia for Dental Hygiene Procedure

CE : 40
Start Date :  Apr 09, 2021End Date :  Apr 11, 2021

Organized by :   The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Specialties :   Dentistry

Fees Fee :   Free

Conference Summary

Infiltration Anesthesia for Dental Hygiene Procedure is organized by The University of Alabama at Birmingham and will be held from Apr 09 - 11, 2021.

Continuing Education:
This four-day course will offer training for Alabama Hygienists to provide local anesthesia (infiltration) administration to the dental patient. With 40 hours of CE training designed by Dr. Patrick Louis, and conforming to the Alabama State Board of Dental Examiners regulations, this course will present the participant with the basic mechanics to provide pain management.

Lecture: Credits - 20
Self-Instructional: Credits - 12
Hands-On: Credits - 8

Course Description:
•  The course will consist of 20 hours of lecture and hands-on clinical exercises.
•  Participants must complete 12 hours of online learning modules that will consist of a series of lectures and exams designed to prepare the hygienist for the    course material and make it easier to understand. These modules need to be completed before you arrive for the live lecture portion of the course.
•  In addition, participants must return for an 8 hour-clinical rotation under direct supervision and keep a log of their experiences.

Course Goals & Objectives:
• Introduce basic and advance concepts in pharmacology and armamentarium of local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors used in dentistry.
• Introduce basic and advanced concepts regarding anesthetic infiltration used in dentistry and its associated anatomy.
• Introduce complications and medical emergencies associated with the administration of local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors.
•  Understand nerve classification, resting state, membrane potentials, firing threshold, depolarization, repolarization and trigeminal neuroanatomy (central & peripheral)
•  Understand the pharmacology of local anesthesia and vasoconstrictors and associated drug interactions, complications and contraindications
•  Understand the theoretical & clinical differences in various local anesthetic agents commonly used in dentistry and their indication for use (concentration & recommended dosage)
•  Know the armamentarium used in local anesthesia. (short needle, long needle, syringe, carpule, topical anesthesia, etc.) and troubleshoot problems
•  Know the landmark and technique for maxillary and mandibular infiltration, potential problems and expected outcome
•  Understand why a local anesthetic injections may be ineffective
•  Know the special techniques and armamentarium for PDL anesthesia and its indications
• Perform local anesthetic injections on manikins and in clinical situations and be prepared to answer questions regarding landmarks, dosage, complications, technique and armamentarium.

Registration open through 3/29/2021 10:59 PM EST

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  • CE : 40
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