Emerging Trends in Pediatrics and Primary Healthcare

4 CME/ 4 Contact Hours


Apr 01, 2023

Target Audience

Physician, Otolaryngologist, Cardiologists, Dermatologists


Pediatrics, Pediatric Pulmonology, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Dermatology, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics Neurology


Join us for the “Emerging Trends in Pediatrics and Primary Healthcare” webinar, organized by eMedEvents, which will be livestreamed on February 11, 2023. Earn CME credits while gaining insight into the latest updates within the world of pediatrics. The webinar will provide fundamental information on various topics, applicable for specialists and general pediatricians alike, through the lens of an evidence-based, practical approach. Included across the presentations are: pre-recorded self-learning lectures, live lectures, live Q&A sessions, and case studies consisting of small group discussions between participants.

Program Agenda and Speakers

Saturday | 1 April, 2023

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST

The Future of Precision Medicine

Jena Quinn PharmD, BCPPS

Learning objectives :
  • Review essential vocabulary terms related to pharmacogenomics (PGx)
  • Discuss ways PGx and pharmacokinetics (PK) can improve prescribing and patient outcomes.
  • Describe resources for clinical PGx/PK information available to providers.
  • Discuss pediatric case studies that demonstrate how PGx individualizes a patient’s drug therapy
  • Review drugs and disease states for which PGx may impact efficacy and safety.

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM EST

Double Approach in a Pediatric Patient with Dysphagia Lusoria Due to Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery

Carlos Alcantara

Learning objectives :
  • Describe the relevant approach in a pediatric patient with dysphagia
  • Learn about the symptoms associated with illusory dysphagia
  • Surgical approaches to treat illusory dysphagia
  • Compression of the Esophagus by an aberrant anomalous subclavian artery.

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EST

How to Bring Pediatric Patients Home Who Are Requiring Invasive/Non-Invasive Ventilator and/or High Flow Oxygen

Suzan Michelle Collins BSRT, RRT, AE-C

Learning objectives :
  • Identify and assess the options available for long-term invasive/non-invasive ventilator support or high-flow oxygen needs.
  • Identify the difference with patients’ prescription/ventilator current support requirements with what is available to be supported in the skilled invasive care/home environments.
  • Have an awareness of the various types of equipment that may be needed and their capabilities and limitations in the home/skilled facility environments to include: ventilator, oxygen, enteral pump, nebulizer, suction machine and pulse oximetry.
  • Communicate with the clinical team the above findings and work together to develop a detailed, documented, trackable, staged treatment plan.
  • Be aware of what it will look like for the family to get home/to and from appointments etc. with the necessary equipment and oxygen flow demands.
  • Assist the medical team in communicating with the patient family benefits/draw backs of each option and the associated initial treatment plan.
  • Identify when to make contact with the skilled facility/durable medical equipment company and home nursing agency.
  • Identify the importance of a sick/emergency alternative ventilator setting
  • Be able to communicate the importance of always having a second person in the car when driving with ventilated child in the car.
  • Identify the importance of regularly scheduled ongoing re-evaluation and communication between the medical team, family, home nursing agency, durable medical equipment company and/or skilled facility and any other parties that are/or will be actively involved with the patient ongoing care.

12:45 PM - 1:45 PM EST

RSV/Bronchilitis Updates

Kimberly Smith RRT-NPS

Learning objectives :
  • Define Bronchiolitis and discuss its prevalence.
  • Discuss the Pathophysiology.
  • Review clinical manifestations as well as the clinical course.
  • Review APA guidelines for treatment.
  • Explore future treatment strategies
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