4th World Conference on Public Health (WCPH) 2023 is organized by United Research Forum (URF) and will be held from Dec 08 - 09, 2023.

Theme: Envisioning the Future of Healthcare Globally

It is with profound enthusiasm and a deep sense of purpose that I warmly welcome you to the 4th World Conference on Public Health (WCPH2023), under the overarching

Theme: “Envisioning the Future of Healthcare Globally.” 
This conference is uniquely designed as a wholly online event, allowing us to connect and collaborate across borders and time
zones without barriers.

Learning Objectives:
This congress aims to improve public health by:
• Empowering Global Public Health Professionals to Collaborate, Innovate, and help to shape the Future of Global Public Health.
• Engaging diverse voices, ideas, visions,s, and actions of committed professionals and citizens to strengthen and transform global public health efforts and influence decision-makers within and beyond the health sector.
• Analysing, demonstrating, and sharing local, regional, and global public health lessons with a special focus on the reduction of inequities and inappropriate discrimination.
• Examining the effective translation of evidence-based science into action.
• Articulating and promoting the pivotal role of health in sustainable development goals (SDGs).
• Supporting and nurturing the next generation of public health leaders.
• Building on the intent of the Global Charter for Public Health.

Domain 1:
Public Health and Environmental Wellness
Maternal Health: Advancing Care and Outcomes
Mental Health: Holistic Approaches and Support
Health Promotion and Education: Empowering Communities
Environmental Health: Protecting Populations
Environmental Health: Tackling Climate Change Impacts
Social Determinants: Addressing Inequities

Domain 2:
Disease Management and Clinical Care
Tobacco and Alcohol: Effective Risk Reduction
Clinical Medicine: Innovations in Patient Care
Non-Communicable Diseases: Prevention and Management
Communicable Diseases: Surveillance and Control
Health Services Management: Quality and Equity
Occupational Health and Safety: Worker Well-being

Domain 3:
Pharmacy, Nutrition, and Medical Education
Pharmacy: Medication Safety and Access
Food and Nutrition: Healthy Diets and Malnutrition
Medical Education: Strengthening Healthcare Workforce
Health Communication: Enhancing Awareness

Domain 4:
Life-Cycle Health and Reproductive Rights
Elderly Health: Aging Well and Longevity
Infant, Child, and Adolescent Health: Fostering Well-being
Family Planning and Reproductive Health: Access and Choices
Primary Health Care: Strengthening Systems


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10 Nov, 2023
Registrations Open
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09 Dec, 2023
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08 Dec, 2023
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09 Dec, 2023
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