Understanding and Managing Burn Pain: Part 2 is organized by Wolters Kluwer.

Published: May 2009
Expires: 3/6/2020

• ANCC - 2.6 CH 
• DC - BON 2.6 CH 
• FL - BON 2.5 CH

Purpose of Activity:
To provide registered professional nurses with an in-depth discussion of burn pain management, including analgesics, topical medications, and the psychological aspects of burn pain.

Despite advances in treatment of burn injuries and their consequent pain, wound care is the main source of the pain associated with burn injury. This two-part article explores burn pain and its treatment from a nursing perspective. Last month, Part 1 provided an overview of burn injury and addressed the wound care-related causes of burn pain, as well as its assessment and treatment. Part 2, presented here, provides a more in-depth discussion of pain management; topical medications and the psychological aspects of burn pain are also discussed.

After completing this continuing education activity you will be able to:
• summarize the characteristics of burn pain and the protocols commonly used to help relieve it.
• outline the adverse effects of medications used to treat burns and burn pain.
• plan the appropriate pain-relieving interventions for patients who have burn injuries

Topics: Burns.

Intended Audience

Plastic Surgery, Critical Care Medicine, Burn Surgery

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