Sexual Violence in the Military

CE Hours : 1
Start Date :  Jan 03, 2020End Date :  Jan 03, 2023

Organized by :   Quantum Units Education

Specialties :   Infectious Disease

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Conference Summary

Sexual Violence in the Military is organized by Quantum Units Education.

Start Date:01/03/2020
End Date:01/03/2023

CE Hours:

Course Overview:
This CE course provides advocates working in community-based sexual assault programs with an understanding of sexual violence in the military and to offer resources to support their collaborative efforts with military personnel in responding to the needs of survivors and preventing sexual violence

Course Objectives:
• Discuss the connections research has found between sexual violence while serving in the military and diagnoses of mental health problems.
• Enumerate the attitudes that contribute to an environment where sexual violence can occur.
• Investigate the reasons cited by female victims for not reporting their assault.
• Compare and contrast restricted vs. unrestricted reports with regard to the benefits provided to the victim and prosecution of the perpetrator.

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

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  Sexual Assault
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  • CE Hours : 1
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