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Quality Resource Guide: Xerostomia Revisited is organized by MetLife.

Originally published: January 2005
Updated and revised: March 2009, July 2012, October 2015 and February 2019
Expiration date: February 2022

MetLife designates this activity for 1.0 continuing education credits for the review of this Quality Resource Guide and successful completion of the post test

Conference description:
The fifth edition of this Guide includes an updated discussion of the three primary causes of Xerostomia: drugs, systemic diseases and radiation and a detailed description of its signs and symptoms. Taken together, these sections provided the basis for diagnosis. The information is also presented in tabular form for quick reference. Especially useful for the practitioner is a table and the accompanying text that deals with various therapeutic options in general and those that directly address caries control and management. The list of carefully selected current references is augmented by sources of information available on-line. Given the increasing prevalence of Xerostomia in the US population, this Guide is a must read for dentists, as the health professional to whom patients are likely to voice their concerns about a dry mouth, and the one who must deal with the direct effect Xerostomia on dental caries.

Educational Objectives:
Following this unit of instruction, the learner should be able to:
1. Recognize the functions of saliva in maintaining oral health.
2. Recognize the prevalence and causes of xerostomia in the population.
3. Recognize the signs and symptoms of xerostomia.
4. Enable patients to manage the symptoms of xerostomia.
4. Prevent and treat the complications of xerostomia.

This purpose of this update is to provide our readers with a summary of current knowledge of xerostomia and additional information that has not been previously provided. It is expected that this update contain “evidence based” recommendations for the practitioner as determined from the latest research and studies of clinical outcomes. There is, however, little evidence that supports the efficacy of current therapies for
the management of xerostomia. Over-the-counter (OTC) saliva substitutes are still the predominant agents available for the relief of the symptoms of dry mouth, and innovative therapies for the generation of saliva are being evaluated but are not yet available.

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