Quality Resource Guide: Periodontal Risk Assessment In a General Practice (2nd Edition) is organized by MetLife. 

Originally published: October 2013
Updated and revised: April 2017
Expiration date: April 2020

MetLife designates this activity for 1.0 continuing education credits for the review of this Quality Resource Guide and successful completion of the post test.

Conference description:
Numerous clinical studies have determined that periodontitis differs in frequency and severity from individual to individual. Determining a patient’s risk for periodontitis is important for the general dentist’s office as they assist the patient in maintaining periodontal health. Multiple factors have been implicated in increasing risk for periodontitis. Risk Assessment Tools have been created that use a minimal number of reasonably obtainable clinical data to quantitate a patient’s risk to future episodes of periodontitis. This Quality Resource Guide (QRG) provides a scientifically based overview of these tools and discusses their use in a general dentistry practice. The QRG will assist the dentist and his/her clinical team, in decision-making and answering patient questions regarding their periodontal status.

Educational Objectives:
Following this unit of instruction, the learner should be able to:
• Define and understand the rationale for assessing periodontal risk in a general dentistry practice.
• Understand the difference between a risk factor and a risk indicator.
• Identify risk factors/indicators for periodontitis and understand how they are used in a risk assessment model.
• Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the most common periodontal risk assessment tools available today.
• Understand how to most appropriately use periodontal risk assessment tools in the practice of general dentistry.

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.


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Periodontics and Periodontology

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