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Identifying Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems of Children and Youth

CE Hours : 10
Start Date :  Jan 03 - 2020 End Date :  Jan 03 - 2023

Organized by :   Quantum Units Education

Specialities :   Psychiatry, Mental Health and Law

Conference Summary

Identifying Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems of Children and Youth is organized by Quantum Units Education.

Course opens: 01/01/2020
Course expires: 12/31/2021

CE Hours:

Course Overview:
This course is intended to promote the early identification of children and adolescents with mental health and substance use problems. It addresses the approaches, methods, and strategies used to identify mental health and substance use problems of high-risk youth (persons whose ages are between birth and 22 years) in settings that serve either a broad spectrum of children and adolescents or a high-risk population. The seven settings it covers are:

• Child welfare
• Early care and education
• Family, domestic violence, and runaway shelters
• Juvenile justice
• Mental health and substance abuse treatment for co-occurring disorders
• Primary care
• Schools and out-of-school programs

Learning Objectives:
• Know which are the best tools available to screen for mental health and drug use problems in children and adolescence.
• Learn how to use the screening tools most effectively in different settings.
• Learn who to use screening tools with in various settings and what to do with the information they provide.
• Be aware of the issues and difficulties that can be encountered when screening children and adolescents for mental health and drug use problems.
• Understand the benefits of partnering with various groups and agencies to help identify and treat this population.
• Recognize what groups and agencies are potential partners in identifying and treating this population.

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

✔Domestic Violence
  Domestic Violence
✔Child Abuse
  Child Abuse

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  • CE Hours : 10
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