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Hepatitis C: A Complete Guide for Patients and Families is organized by Anderson Continuing Education.

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Hepatitis C affects between three and four million people in the United States. Many people with hepatitis C infection have not been diagnosed and remain unaware that they have the disease.

Despite the progress made in the diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C over the last 25 years, successful treatment of the disease remains a major challenge. Most people with the disease have not been diagnosed, and many medical professionals and the public are often only partially educated about the disease. Although the internet can provide valuable information to individuals about hepatitis C quickly and inexpensively, some of this information may be unreliable and purely anecdotal.

When a hepatitis C infection goes undiagnosed, it progresses to cirrhosis in approximately one-third of infected individuals, and liver transplantation may become the only option to cure the disease. Yet because of organ shortages, timely liver transplantation may become difficult to impossible for most people. Hepatitis C is believed to be one of the leading causes of liver cancer, and an increasing number of people with HIV infections are also infected with hepatitis C. It has been suggested that in HIV-positive populations, hepatitis C may emerge as a major killer, negating some of the advances achieved in the treatments of HIV.

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Gastroenterology, Infectious Disease

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