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CME : 66

Evidence-Based Practice of Critical Care, 2nd Edition is organized by Anderson Continuing Education.

"It is appropriate for critical care nurses. The material is definitely not for novice critical care nurses. The appeal to this book is the amount of evidence-based information that it covers. Too much of what we do is based on how we have always practiced, which may not always be best practice. Although it may be geared toward physicians, it is also valuable to critical care nurses. There is some information that nurses won’t care about, for example the specific techniques of reading ultrasounds, but I did not ask questions on that type of information. Most of the information that nurses and physicians need to know to take care of patients overlap. This book definitely has a purpose, especially for nurses who want to know what the evidence is behind what they are doing. The more nurses understand, the better decisions they can make at the bedside."

Pilot Study Nurse Comments:
• “It was so interesting to see how research protocols and studies change the course of medicine. I often found myself saying, “Oh, that’s why we do that now (or why we have stopped doing X).”
• “The text ... covered pertinent topics with a focus on EBP which is so relevant for critical care nurses who practice today. The reasoning behind current practices is extremely interesting and provides meaning to our work.”
• “This is a great text - excellent resource for anyone, especially educators... it is really solid material but not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of statitstics and study details to wade through but in the end the nuggets are worth the dig. Definitely not ‘Easy Cerps!’”

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Critical Care Medicine


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Critical Care Medicine

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