Diet, Body Composition, and Disease on Bone Health

By EdCompass

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Diet, Body Composition, and Disease on Bone Health is organized by EdCompass.

• CE Credit Hours: 4.50 CPEUs

CPEU Course Description:
Bone mineral density is influenced by a multitude of factors. This CPEU course reviews literature on current options for prevention and treatment of low bone mineral density complications of eating disorders, examines the role of adolescent dietary patters on adult bone, measures postprandial changes in bone turnover after intake of high saturated fat meals with and without an anti-inflammatory ingredient, and explores the impact of type 2 diabetes mellitus on bone metabolic and mechanical proprieties and fracture risk.

CPEU Course Objectives:
• Describe three mechanisms for how dietary fiber from non-refined grains may affect bone health.
• Demonstrate when oral contraceptive pills are and are not recommended for improving bone mineral density.
• Determine the annual bone mineral density decline at the spine and hip in active anorexia nervosa patients.
• Estimate how long low bone mineral density can persist after resolution of anorexia nervosa.
• List three risk factors for low bone mineral density.
• Plan a course of action for patients who have evidence of low bone mineral density but have normal vitamin D levels.
• Relate vitamin D, osteocalcin, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and bone health.

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  • CPEUs : 4.5


  • Nutrition
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