Caring for Patients with Limited English Proficiency

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Caring for Patients with Limited English Proficiency by e-EdCredits

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Immigration patterns are changing, no longer isolating immigrants to certain geographic locations. Cultural disparity in healthcare is a real concern and healthcare professionals need to respond. Nowhere is this as obvious, than at the bedside of care. Home Care Nurses function in the patient’s home where the patient’s culture is most obvious and within the next ten years, the population will grow significantly older and more diverse. Racial and ethnic minority elders will constitute a growing proportion of this group. The resident population of the United States is currently about 290 million. An estimated three out of ten U.S. Residents have an origin that is something other than Caucasian. About one million immigrants enter the United States annually, mostly of Latin American or Asian origin. By 2006, the Hispanic population will outnumber the black population and by 2030, one out of four residents will be either Hispanic or Asian. It is critical for home care nurses to be aware of the current and projected characteristics of this diverse population to prepare for addressing their changing needs into the future.

• Describe how the ethnic population of the United States will change in the next 25 years.
• Explain how home care nurses can develop culturally appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication competency/skills.
• Identify available options for selecting an interpreter and identify violations to patient federal and civil rights.
• Incorporate new skills into their communication with patients and interpreters.

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