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Acute & Chronic Wounds: Current Management Concepts, 5th Edition

Contact Hours : 60
Start Date :  Jan 01 - 2016 End Date :  Dec 31 - 2020

Organized by :   Anderson Continuing Education

Specialities :   Wound Care, Nursing, Chronic Diseases

Conference Summary

Acute & Chronic Wounds: Current Management Concepts, 5th Edition is organized by Anderson Continuing Education.

Conference Description:
Acute & Chronic Wounds: Current Management Concepts, Fifth Edition, presents the newest diagnostic and treatment guidelines to assist clinicians to implement evidence-based quality care for patients with wounds. It is intended for nurses who would like to start or improve their careers in wound care and for those who are working towards certification or recertification in this specialized area of nursing.

Pilot Study Nurse Comments:
• Exceptional overview and micro knowledge of wound care. Deep study of wound care. Great resource to supplement practical care.
• The textbook is an excellent frame of quotation. I shall use it frequently.
• This was a totally overwhelming subject. Very exhausting with the terminology but exhilarating to have been exposed to the skin and its functions, deficits and healing processes. 
• Great “Mile high” overview of wound care. Indispensable resource for training, policy and procedure developing. This is not a basic, practice resource for floor staff.
•  The text is a true, college level textbook. Very detailed and current. Not for the faint-of-heart or a quick 30 units to meet license renewal.

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  • Contact Hours : 60
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