Introduction and Advanced/interventional & Regenerative Medicine Musculoskeletal Ultrasound is organized by Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute (GCUS) Inc. and will be held from Aug 14 - 18, 2023 at Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute, St. Petersburg, Florida, United States of America.

Overview :
Introduction to Musculoskeletal Ultrasound & Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: Interventional and Regenerative Medicine Live Training Course provides participants a comprehensive introduction to musculoskeletal ultrasound. These courses are taught by leading musculoskeletal ultrasound experts and incorporate comprehensive lectures on upper and lower extremity applications for diagnostic and ultrasound guided injection/aspiration techniques as well as advanced interventional and regenerative medicine essentials. Live demonstrations are also included. Extensive hands-on scanning is provided for upper and lower extremity applications featuring a 3:1 participant to faculty hands-on scan ratio with live models and inanimate phantoms and human cadaveric specimens for advanced applications and ultrasound-guided procedures. An additional optional interventional human cadaver lab can also be added to the introduction portion of this course. This is highly recommended for those interested in performing ultrasound-guided procedures/interventions such as joint aspirations and injections.

Learn the advanced interventional and regenerative medicine musculoskeletal essentials and increase confidence to integrate the skills into clinical practice and expand MSK ultrasound services to offer your patients.

Objectives :
• Increase the participant's knowledge to better perform and / or interpret MSK ultrasound exams.
• List the indications, benefits, and limitations of MSK ultrasound for sports medicine injuries, physical medicine & rehabilitation, and rheumatology applications.
• Demonstrate proper transducer manipulation and system optimization to produce diagnostic images.
• Demonstrate scanning protocols for performing shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, knee, ankle/foot, & hip ultrasound examinations.
• Identify normal anatomy during musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging.
• Identify the sonographic appearance of commonly seen pathology of the shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist/hand, ankle, and foot, & hip.
• Demonstrate the use of MSK sonography for diagnosis and ultrasound-guided interventions and describe "in-plane" and "out of plane" injections/aspiration techniques using inanimate phantoms.
• Interpret complex musculoskeletal ultrasound images and list treatment options and patient management strategies.
• Outline the biology and evidence for use of various regenerative substances.
• State when, why, and how to integrate regenerative medicine as a practical treatment option.
• Prepare regenerative substances for performing ultrasound-guided procedures
• Outline post procedural protocols for regenerative medicine procedures
• Demonstrate the principles of injection techniques for the performance of upper and lower extremity MSK interventions on cadaver models.
• State the role of ultrasound in nerve entrapment syndromes.
• List protocols for ultrasound evaluation and treatment options of the spine.
• Increase confidence to incorporate protocols, advanced scan techniques, and regenerative medicine applications to improve diagnostic/treatment accuracy.

Topics :
• Shoulder Anatomy & Scanning Techniques
• Ultrasound Evaluation of Shoulder Pathology
• Elbow Anatomy & Scan Techniques
• Elbow Pathology
• Wrist & Hand Anatomy, Scan Techniques
• Ultrasound Evaluation of Wrist and Hand Pathology
• Ultrasound Evaluation of the Ankle & Foot
• Ultrasound Evaluation of Ankle/foot Pathology
• Ultrasound Evaluation of the Hip
• Ultrasound Evaluation of Hip Pathology
• Ultrasound Evaluation of the Knee: Normal Anatomy & Scanning Techniques
• Knee Pathology
• Ultrasound Guided Injection Techniques
• Use of Ultrasound in Rheumatology Applications
• Live Scanning Demonstrations: All Joints
• Ultrasound Guided Injection Techniques
• Tendinopathy and Ultrasound Guided-guided Tenotomy
• Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound- Guided Procedures in Rehabilitative Medicine: What, When, Why, Where
• Prolotherapy: General Principles/Practical Applications
• Prp: General Principles/Practical Applications
• Bone Marrow and Lipoaspirate: General Principles & Practical Applications
• Hands-on Scanning: Interventional Cadaver Lab Use and Le Injection Techniques / Bone Marrow & Lipoaspirate
• Introduction to Spine Ultrasound: Si Joints & Facets
• Advanced Peripheral Nerve Applications: Diagnosis & Treatment Options
• Regenerative Medicine Interventions: Knee Oa, Rotator Cuff Tears, Epicondylitis, Jumpers Knee, and Achilles Tendon Injuries.
• Hands-on Scanning Live Models: Spine/nerve/all Joints
• Regenerative Medicine Procedures Live Patient Demos


Event Start Date
14 Aug, 2023
Event Start Date
Event End Date
18 Aug, 2023
Event End Date


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