Integrative Medicine and Functional Nutrition is organized by University Learning Systems (ULS) and will be held from Oct 11 - 13, 2022 at 41 Lakefront Hotel, Trademark Collection By Wyndham, Geneva, New York, United States of America.

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Our Integrative Medicine and Functional Nutrition CE/CME is perfect for health professionals seeking to learn the impact of nutrition on health.  Join Nurse Practitioners, Family Physicians and Pharmacists who have been benefiting from our exceptional pharmacology CME for over 30 years. Our courses feature academic experts with proven clinical skills.

This conference provides 15 contact hours of pharmacy CE and  (1.5 CEU) of live AAFP/ AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™, ACPE and pharmacology CE/ CME credit over three days. With small class sizes and clinical faculty from medical & pharmacy schools, our live Geneva, NY CME is perfect for physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurses & nurse practitioners.

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Integrative Medicine, Functional Nutrition and Detoxification
At the completion of this activity, the participant will be able to:
TOPIC 1: What is Integrative Medicine and Interventions: (2 hours)
1. Discuss the components and principles of integrative medicine.
2. Describe manipulative medicine.
3. List the various components of precision medicine.
4. Review how to implement lifestyle changes for your patients.

Topic 2: Functional nutrition and Herbal Therapy (2 hours)
1. Describe clinical nutrition.
2. Review biochemical pathways in fatty acids and neurotransmitters.
3. Review Herbal medicine components.
4. List components of food and their healing components.
5. List what to take out of the diet that leads to disease.
6. Describe the important components of the GI tract.

Topic 3: Detoxification (1 hour)
• Describe phase 1,2, and 3 detoxification.
• Review the importance of gallbladder and liver.
• Describe herbal remedies that detoxify the liver, gallbladder and GI tract.

Immune and oxidative stress, Integrative Lab Analysis, Therapies for Mental Health and Sleep Management
Topic 4: Immune and oxidative stress (2 hrs)
• Review methylation, folate, B12 and homocysteine.
• Recognize the destructive role of lipid peroxidation.
• Describe supplements and foods that ameliorate reactive oxidative species.
• Identify the role of the endocrine-nervous and immune system axis.
• List immune builders, natural antibiotics, antioxidants and lifestyle changes.

Topic 5: Integrative Lab (2 hrs.)
• Review labs analysis.
• Discuss why labs are ordered.
• Implement supplements and lifestyle changes that will help change laboratory values and symptoms.

Topic 6: Integrative Therapies for mental health and sleep management (1.5hrs)
• Describe the role of life style in sleep, anxiety and depression.
• Review Gut-brain axis.
• Describe sleep hygiene.
• List biochemical components of sleep.
• Identify natural sleep and brain health aids.

Systemic Thinking: Case Based Approach to Treating Difficult Conditions
At the conclusion of this program, the participant will be able to:
Topic 7: Systems thinking: Treating difficult conditions; Long-COVID, resistant hypertension, diabetes and genetic cases (1.5)
• Describe systems thinking in difficult case management.
• Review long-COVID, resistant hypertension and diabetes components.
• Describe systems thinking with genetic case management.
• Review library resources in case management.

Topic 8.: Bringing it all together: Case Studies 3.5 hours
• List how to incorporate integrative medicine strategies into your practice.
• Identify the systems approach to cases.
• Interpret laboratory results for patient cases.
• Design plans in teams for given cases and present to class.


Event Start Date
11 Oct, 2022
Event Start Date
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13 Oct, 2022
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