Wound Closure, Procedures & More Course
Nashville, Tennessee
May 17 - 18, 2019
Session Topic Start Time End Time Location Description Speakers
Wound Closure & More 17 May 08:00 AM 17 May 06:00 PM Nashville, TN Join us for a day of discussing wound closure. Topics include wound closure including sutures, staples, wound adhesive, and steri-strips. Digital blocks, appropriate anesthesia, wound complications and follow up care will be covered.Practice and individual guidance learning simple interrupted, running, mattress and flap sutures.Students will receive their own suture kit including suture pad, suture tools and extra sutures.
Procudures & More 18 May 09:00 AM 18 May 05:00 PM Nashville, TN Join us for a day of Proceures.Topics include foreign body removal, joint reductions, toenail removal, eye exams, I&D and more.