2018 (10th) International Conference on Stem Cells
Beijing, Beijing
Nov 09 - 10, 2018
Session Topic Start Time End Time Location Description Speakers
Stem Cells 09 Nov 09:00 AM 09 Nov 05:00 PM Beijing China With the powerful support of China s policies rapid progress has been made in stem cell industry which has involved collection and storage of stem cells upstream preparation of stem cells and drug R D midstream clinical trials of stem cells downstream Under the development during nearly 20 years there have been nearly 100 companies with various scales in China engaged in technology R D establishment of stem cell banks and application of stem cells China s market of stem cells is expected to reach RMB 150 billion by 2020 However compared with other countries development of stem cells in China needs to be accelerated Besides focusing on major scientific issues and bottlenecks we should also strive to make breakthroughs of scientific theories and core technologies in the fields where China takes the lead so as to promote the clinical translation This conference is one of the top ranked meetings in the field of stem cells in China Through participating in it you can learn more about the processing of technologies the whole industry and the market of stem cells stem cell bank stem cell reprogramming stem cell clinical organoids in China Welcome to this academic banquet Bioon will try our best to provide an excellent platform for you to communicate with China s first class experts and senior managers as well as to expand your business in China