XIII International Tinnitus Seminar / II World Tinnitus Congress (WTC)

By The Center of Hearing and Speech Medincus | The National Center of Maternity and Childhood Care

  • In-Person Event
  • Sep 07 - 08, 2023
  • Bishkek, Bishkek shaary Kyrgyzstan
  • USD 50.00*


XIII International Tinnitus Seminar / II World Tinnitus Congress (WTC) is organized by The Center of Hearing and Speech Medincus and will be held from Sep 07 - 08, 2023 at Jannat Regency Hotel, Bishkek, Bishkek shaary, Kyrgyzstan.

The World Tinnitus Congress is an initiative grown from many discussions with researchers in the field of tinnitus, participants and faculty members of previous ITS conferences and candidates looking to organize future meetings. They highlighted that the scope of the scientific subject area covered by the International Tinnitus Seminar has, since its conception in 1979, far outgrown the frames of a seminar meeting. Today it is a significant intercontinental event on a global map of scientific meetings in hearing science.

Tinnitus research is of increasing social and clinical interest, as number of suffers grows all over the world. There is a demand for strategies and therapies to prevent and alleviate tinnitus. Our primary aim in organizing this congress is to bring together the experienced and up-and-coming scientists and clinicians to actively discuss the latest ideas, results and challenges. We shall consider it our success when the congress will spark new insights that will be applied in research and clinical work.

I am looking forward to a fascinating and productive interdisciplinary meeting and exchange of knowledge.

Key Topics:
? Tinnitus assessment and diagnostics
? Cochlear implants in tinnitus
? Comorbidities:
• audiological
• physiological
• psychological
• age-related
? Clinical studies
? Epidemiology of tinnitus
? Genetics
? Heterogeneity of tinnitus
? Interventions:
• music based intervention in tinnitus
• neurofeedback in treatment of subjective tinnitus
• pharmacological and phytotherapy approaches
• surgical interventions
• transcranial magnetic stimulation
? Neuroimaging and neural networks
? Noise induced tinnitus
? Preclinical interventions
? Psychotherapy in tinnitus treatment
• subjective hearing problems in normalhearing tinnitus patients
• applications of relaxation techniquesand nonconve ntional approaches
• cognitive behaviour therapy
? Single Sided Deafness and tinnitus
? Technology-based interventions:
• middle ear implants in tinnitus
• CODACS in tinnitus
• cochlear implants in tinnitus
• hearing aids in tinnitus
• bone conductive implants in tinnitus
? Tinnitus in children
? Tinnitus modeling

Prof. Uzakbaev Kamchibek, MD, PhD
Honorary President of the XIII International Tinnitus Seminar and the II World Tinnitus Congress

Prof. Piotr H. Skar?y?ski, MD, PhD, Msc
Chairman of the International Scientific and Organising Committee



  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Audiology

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