World OMICS Week 2023 is organized by BIT Congress Inc. (BIT Group Global Ltd.) and will be held from Feb 07 - 09, 2023 at Hotel Emisia Sapporo, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

Theme: From Big Science, Big Tech, Genedustry to Sustainable Development

WOW, 2023 will have, with your assistance, an astonishing program of pre-conference, trainee workshops, plenary lectures, forums, workshops, poster presentations, industrial lectures, and social events and exhibitions. Our scientific program will cover a wide range of topics in pan-omics, which will also offer a holistic view of human health based on current breakthroughs in the multi-omics era. By being part of it, you will enjoy the most up-to-date research frontiers, disruptive technologies from a whole spectrum of related innovations, multi-omics integration, single cell OMICS skills to spatial OMICS, and AI-based OMICS along with the wide applications of Multi-omics technologies in the fast-growing life industries. We believe such a reunion will ignite the sparks of new collaboration opportunities.

Conference Highlights
• Be there and get together with friends in Sapporo
• To be devoted to serving you with the whole city's beauty and dynamics
• To bring 20 Years of international cooperation resources through WHTS
• To Observe Omics technologies are changing the world and human beings
• To cover 1000+ Hot topics from omics, big science, and gene industry to bioeconomy
• To enjoy Snow country scenery, top scientific Summit
• To Listen to how World top 500 leading the development of Next Wave OMICS
• To invite a strong panel of Master Lectures Leading the summit, hearing the voices of decision-makers
• To call for 800+ World-class experts to let our members gain insight into the OMICS trends
• To design 200 special sessions to highlight innovations and entrepreneurship
• To plan 100 Showcases of next-generation Omics Technologies from the industry
• To outlook from KOLs on the Landscape of Omics technologies and product applications
• To catch the momentum of how Disruptive OMICS-driven biotech advances will reshape the future of the life industry

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.


Event Start Date
07 Feb, 2023
Event Start Date
Event End Date
09 Feb, 2023
Event End Date


Clinical Cytogenetics and Genomics


Hotel Emisia Sapporo
5 Chome-5-25 Atsubetsuchuo 2 Jo
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