The third Pediatric Infectious and Immunology Meeting is organized by TPNH2 Group and will be held from Oct 06 - 08, 2023 at Holiday Inn & Suites Dubai Science Park, an IHG Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

They are bringing together world-renowned researchers and clinicians for a very exciting multidisciplinary program covering areas that include clinical issues, epidemiology, public health, microbiology, immunology, and highlighting the most challenging clinical cases, with open discussions like no other event. 

The 3rd Pediatric Infectious & Immunology Meeting is for professionals who want to stay up to date, reinforce their skills, communicate with their colleagues, share their most interesting clinical cases, and develop new collaborations in the GCC and MENA region. 

There will be abundant opportunities for networking professionally and socially, with universities, researchers, hospitals,Where and pharmaceutical companies.

Suggested Topics:

  • Common Pitfalls in Pediatric Outpatient Management 
  • Vaccination in immunocompromised patients and special hosts
  • Recent papers in PID (Practice changing updates) 
  • Best practices in Antimicrobial Stewardship program
  • Challenging Neonatal Infection Cases
  • Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) updates: when to treat
  • Elimination of Meningococcal Meningitis in GCC Countries: Current Status and Future Prospects.
  • Emerging Therapeutic Approaches for Resistant Pediatric Infections: From Novel Agents to Precision Medicine 
  • Transition to oral antibiotics in the treatment of uncomplicated bacteria
  • Infection in neonates: not always bacterial
  • Invasive Diseases in the Vaccine Era 
  • Moving towards Hepatitis B Elimination: From Commitment to action.
  • Is It COVID, Flu, or RSV? Tripled epidemic dilemma
  • Neonatal Fungal Infection 
  • Catch up Immunization 
  • From Smallpox to Monkey pox 
  • HIV: Hot issues, where we are? 
  • HPV, Latest recommendations 
Friday, October 6, 2023Session 1: Updates in Infectious Diseases8:00-8:30Recent papers in PID (Practice changing update)Prof Omar Alzomor
8:30-9:00Emerging infectious diseases/ MeningococcalB Dr. Salah Alowaidi
9:00-9:30Updates in viral Hepatitis in PediatricsDr Ghassan Dbaibo
9:30-10:00Coffee Break 
Session 2: Emerging and Endemic Challenges in Pediatric Infectious Diseases10:00-10:30From Smallpox to Monkey poxDr David Amanedine
10:30-11:00Approach to TBDr Dunia Nakhoul
11:00-11:30Vaccination in immunocompromised patients and special hostsDr.Mona Dabbagh
11:30-12:00Regional Tropical IDDr. Haider Areshi
12:00-12:30Lunch Break 
Session 3: Neonatal Debate12:30-1:00Interesting/Challenging casesDr Nour Youssef
1:00-1:30Transition to oral antibiotics in the treatment of uncomplicated bacteremiaDr Houssam Al Tatari
1:30-2:00Infection in neonates: not always bacterialDr Rola Alzir
2:00-2:30Coffee Break 
2:30-3:00Laboratory Markers in PID UpdateDr Mohamed Elmesserey
3:00-3:30PCR in Viral InfectionsDr Mohamed Elmesserey
Saturday, October 7, 2023Session 1: Advancing Infectious Disease Management8:00-8:30Best practices in Antimicrobial Stewardship programDr. Rana Almaghrebia
8:30-9:00Antibiotics dispensing practices in the community pharmacies. Before and afterDr Ghassan Dbaibo
9:00-9:30Impact of Antimicrobial Stewardship on Community-Associated Infections: Pre- and Post-Implementation Analysis.Dr Nour Youssef
9:30-10:00Coffee Break 
Session 2: Infection Control10:00-10:30HPV vaccine, and current recommendationsDr Rola Alzir
10:30-11:00Antimicrobial resistance (Experience from the Gulf)Dr. Hilal Al Hashmi
11:00-11:30Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) updates: when to treatDr David Amanedine
11:30-12:00Infection Control StrategiesDr Dunia Nakhoul
12:00-12:30Lunch Break 
Session 3: Virology Session12:30-1:00Catch up ImmunizationDr. Mona Dabbagh
1:00-1:30COVID-19: to where !!! future perspectivesDr Salah Alowaidi
1:30-2:00HIV: Hot issues, recommendations, and moreDr Salah Alowaidi
2:00-2:30Coffee Break 
2:30-3:00Unlocking the Intricacies of Pediatric Viral InfectionsDr Omar Alzomor
3:00-3:30Immunity Boosters in Repetitive Viral InfectionsDr Omar Alzomor
Sunday, October 8, 2023Session 1: From Diagnosis to Therapeutic Strategies8:00-8:30Common Pitfalls in Pediatric Outpatient Management (1/2)Dr Hossam Al-Tatari
8:30-9:00Unraveling the Mystery: Diagnostic Dilemmas in Pediatric Viral InfectionsDr Ghassan Dbaibo
9:00-9:30Beyond Antibiotics: Exploring Alternative Approaches in Pediatric Antimicrobial TherapyDr David Amanedine
9:30-10:00Coffee Break 
Session 2: ID Related Topics10:00-10:30Common Pitfalls in Pediatric Outpatient Management (2/2)Dr Hossam Al-Tatari
10:30-11:00Emerging Therapeutic Approaches for Resistant Pediatric Infections: From Novel Agents to Precision MedicineDr Mohamed Elmesserey
11:00-11:30Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) updates: when to treatDr David Amanedine
11:30-12:00Combination therapy in Pediatric Infectious diseases, when and how?Dr Nour Youssef
12:00-12:30Lunch Break 
Session 3: Immunology Session12:30-1:00Pediatric Immunology: Clinical Cases UnveiledDr Rola Alzir
1:00-1:30Urgent Challenges, Timely InterventionsDr Mona Dabbagh
1:30-2:00Novel Approaches in Pediatric ImmunologyDr. Rana Almaghrebia
2:00-2:30Coffee Break 
2:30-3:00Alternative Therapies in Pediatric ImmunologyDr. Haider Areshi
3:00-3:30Updates on ImmunotherapyDr. Haider Areshi


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Holiday Inn & Suites Dubai Science Park, an IHG Hotel
Dubiotech Area - Umm Suqeim St - Al Barsha - Al Barsha South
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