The first EVSS Regional Conference is organized by Lumina Organizers, Emirates Vascular Surgery Society (EVSS), and will be held from Jan 07 - 08, 2023 at InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We are delighted to invite you to the Emirates Vascular Surgery Society's (EVSS) first edition. This conference offers a rich scientific agenda that allows attendees to share their knowledge and ideas in vascular surgery. The conference will be held in the Intercontinental Hotel in Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on January 7-8, 2023.

The first edition of the EVSS Regional Conference covers the most recent arterial and venous topics while also presenting the hottest topics for vascular surgery that will be presented in the region. This conference brings together world-famous speakers from Europe and North America and leading vascular surgeons from every corner of the globe. The conference will offer education through presidential talks, science plenary sessions, parallel sessions, and scientific workshops. It will also include the contributions of the scientific community to free communication sessions.

 The First EVSS Regional Conference will be one of the area's most important vascular surgery meetings, with 300-400 delegates expected to attend from the UAE and the region. This conference provides a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues, network with others, and get exposure to the latest therapies and devices through industry-driven workshops and symposia.

Hot Topics:

• Unusual vascular injuries
• Ischemia following Jellyfish Bite
• Camel accident
• Four-wheel RTA
• Ethics and legal principles
• Consent to major amputation
• Complications after the procedure
• Consent for high-risk patients
• Chronic swelling syndrome

Arterial Topics:

• Aortic aneurysms, aortoiliac occlusions, dissections, ulcers, and trauma
• Peripheral vessels occlusion, atherectomy and drug-eluting intervention, aneurysms, access, pseudoaneurysms, coiling, medical therapy for claudication. Anticoagulation for peripheral blood vessels, bypass, surgical management.

Venous Topics:

• Deep vein medical treatment and intervention thrombectomy, thrombolysis and stenting, IVC filter retrieval, stenting and stenting, stenting and IVC filter, surgical endovenotomy, bypass, compression therapy
• Management of superficial veins (VV), RF and microwave, laser, chemical and mechanical ablation, injections sclerotherapy, injection sclerotherapy, and other methods, medications, and compression
• Dialysis access, its maintenance, and possible complications. Maturation of A-V fistula, outflow venous obstruction, and possible solutions

Educational Objectives:

Aortic Arterial:

• The most current evidence regarding EVAR/TVAR
• Paraplegia reduction
• Novel/New devices for supra-renal and arch pathologies
• Aortic dissections: Evidence and timing of intervention
• Inflammatory/congenital aortic pathologies and their management

Peripheral Arterial:

• Current EVSS & SVS guidelines
• Management of aorto-iliac problems (open and intervenal)
• Common femoral and PFA: their pathologies, and controversies in management
• Management of the Superficial Femoral Artery Disease
• Management of below-the-knee arterial disease, including current controversies as well as tips and tricks
• Peripheral aneurysms (concentrate attention on popliteal artery and mesenteric vessels)
•Popliteal entrapment syndrome diagnosis and management
• Role of peripheral vascular disease devices in atherectomy
• The most recent in the medical management of peripheral arterial diseases

Superficial Venous:

• Discussion about the new European Vascular Society guidelines
• The following topics are covered: glue, surgery, and comparisons
• New therapies (ultrasound ablation).
• Current evidence and controversies, the role of perforator failure and its management
• Venous ulcers management, including medical advice
• How to perform a good Duplex assessment of superficial vessels

 Deep Veins Venous:

• Selection of patients and evidence, and controversies around intervention for acute deep vein thrombosis
• Comparisons of lysis, medical treatment, and pharmaco-mechanical Lylysis
• The role and importance of IVUS
• New devices, venous and venous stents. Selection of stents. Sizing for deep vein intervention.
• May-Thurner syndrome diagnosis and management

 Hot Topics I:

• Guidelines for when and how dialysis access should be created and the timing thereof
• Site selection and radiological assessment before fistula creation
• Access surveillance and ways to improve primary or secondary patency
• Interventional and surgical management of blocked AV access
• Rare and novel forms of dialysis access, including hero procedure, etc. Endo AVF: its role, patient selection, and teniques.

 Hot Topics II:

• Classification and diagnosis of vascular malformations
• Management of low-flow vessels malformations
• Management of arteriovenous malformations
• Primary adult lymphedema diagnostics and management
• Management of post-surgical lymphedema
• Multi-disciplinary management for diabetic foot

We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard!!


Event Start Date
07 Jan, 2023
Event Start Date
Event End Date
08 Jan, 2023
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