4th Global Conference on Emergency Nursing and Trauma Care 2023, organized by Elsevier, from Nov 09 - 11, 2023 at the Swedish Exhibition Center, Gothenburg, Vastergotland, Sweden.

Participate in the fourth conference of this renowned series, connecting with global emergency nurses, paramedics, and trauma healthcare experts. Learn and share the latest in research, insights, innovations, and healthcare advancements across both developed and developing nations.

Emergency care's global demand is surging. The pandemic underscored its essential nature and the role of vital access to emergency care and the importance of skilled nurses. The World Health Organization emphasizes this basic emergency care, aiming to train 25% of nurses and midwives in 25 nations by 2025. This 25x25x25 emergency care initiative initiative empowers nurses and midwives with life-saving skills, lessening lasting disabilities in line with the actions of emergency care providers.

Coming together and sharing emergency care knowledge is more important than ever as we face significant challenges in delivering timely and effective emergency care. This care is increasingly complex, not only in relation to the context constraints, and outcome of new technologies and medicine but also in caring for an increasingly aging population, many with long-term conditions and social care needs. This complexity of delivering care requires practitioners who can respond with an equivalent complex skill set, underpinned by an advanced knowledge base as well as the core caring skills that are inherently nursing. This conference provides a distinct platform for global nurses, paramedics, and trauma experts to connect, fostering inventive approaches for enhanced patient care. With participants from diverse nations, the event enriches learning through cross-cultural sharing.

There will be many presentations throughout the three-day event, including keynote presentations, and oral and poster presentations, giving the delegates an opportunity to learn not only the latest research or innovation in emergency care in a myriad of different settings but also participate fully in an interactive program.  There will also be an opportunity to attend a pre-conference writing for publication workshop, allowing the participants to engage in a more structured learning and working environment targeted toward getting their research published.

The conference experience is for anyone involved in the delivery, development, and organization of emergency nursing, trauma care, and paramedical sciences.

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.


Event Start Date
09 Nov, 2023
Event Start Date
Event End Date
11 Nov, 2023
Event End Date




Emergency NurseTrauma



Svenska Mässan
Swedish Exhibition Centre, Mässans Gata/Korsvägen
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