Empire Aesthetics 1-Day Master Injector Series Practicum? is organized by Empire Medical Training (EMT), Inc and will be held on Oct 02, 2022, at The Westin Buckhead Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

Target Audience:
The Master Injector Series is designed for the more experienced injector or other physician and healthcare professionals who have completed the Empire series of neurotoxin or dermal fillers programs (or other comparable training).

A hands-on, advanced program to accelerate neurotoxin and dermalfiller mastery by exceptional Empire physician faculty experts.
Empire is the only program that offers direct training with a range of Dermal Filler products. A large portion of tuition goes towards the purchase of supplies and Botulinum Toxin. However, it also covers the cost of various dermal filler products that each student will have access to.

Physicians can expand their practice by learning more than the Botulinum Toxin or Dermal Filler products. This will allow them to offer more services to their patients. The practitioner will be able to use multiple products without the need for individual training.

This I-Day Master injector Series I PracticeSM is for advanced aesthetics medicine physicians and healthcare practitioners. It is intended to increase their proficiency, and confidence, and grow their Aesthetics practices. For healthcare professionals with greater than six months of experience, the Master Program provides hands-on instruction and advanced clinical training for greater clinical advancement.

Learning Objective:
Course Details and Didactic Presentations
Participants will be given detailed instructions and lectures on advanced topics using Neurotoxin or Dermal Fillers before they begin the hands-on training.
• Cannula technique to perform simple and more complex Dermal Filler procedures
• Complication Avoidance and Treatment Parameters - Step-by-step protocols that include what you will need to create your Cosmetic "Crash Cart".
• Proper dosing of Vitrase and HA fillers
Volume Rejuvenation for the Facial Middle Third, primarily in the lower eye id and cheek areas.
• EMT Advanced lip Augmentation (Proprietary technique performed by Plastic sx Greggory Buford in MD Denver, Colorado).
• Natural beauty and harmony through lower and middle face volumization techniques
• Treatment of pre-jowl and feminizing the anterior jawline
• Natural, dramatic facial enhancements using advanced techniques
• Methods and techniques for enhancing the feminizing chin
• A safe technique to achieve outstanding results in Tear Trough
• Nasal enhancement techniques in facial esthetics
• Enhancement techniques for male and female neck and decolletage


Event Start Date
02 Oct, 2022
Event Start Date
Event End Date
02 Oct, 2022
Event End Date


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Aesthetic Medicine


The Westin Buckhead Atlanta
3391 Peachtree Rd NE
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