Dry Needling 2: Foundations II Course (Sep 30 - Oct 02, 2022)

By Myopain Seminars

  • In-Person Event
  • Sep 30 - Oct 02, 2022
  • Atlanta, Georgia United States of America
  • CEUs : 3.7 +
  • USD 1,095.00


Dry Needling 2: Foundations II Course is organized by Myopain Seminars and will be held from Sep 30 - Oct 02, 2022, at Team Rehabilitation Physical Therapy, Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. 

The DN-2 Foundations II course builds upon the skills and knowledge of the DN-1 course. The course will cover the clinical aspects and science behind myofascial and peripheral pain. It also covers dry needling and the scientific basis. This course will cover the clinical aspects of myofascial pain, peripheral and central sensitization, the etiology and scientific basis of dry needling, and wrist flexors. The current scientific basis for dry needling of scar tissue, fascial adhesions and enthesopathies will be presented to students.
The anatomy and function of each muscle will be covered by students. Minimum 1:10 is the ratio of instructor to student.

Course Objectives:
• Identify at least two fundamental differences between dry needling in the cervical and thoracic multifidi muscle groups
• Demonstrate two dry needling methods to the serratus anterior muscular muscle
• Compare and contrast the three principles of dry needling posterior cervical muscles and the inferior oblique capitis muscle
• Demonstrate three dry needling methods for the pectoralis, middle trapezius, and rhomboid muscles.
• Examine the basic premise for three trigger point hypotheses.
• Identify three trigger points relevant to the Cinderella Hypothesis.
• Talk about at least four forms of muscle overload that could lead to trigger points.
• Discuss at most 4 possible adverse events that could occur when you need to massage muscles around the trunk.
• Name three main features of central sensitization.
• Demonstrate three dry needling methods for the pectoralis, middle trapezius, and rhomboid muscles

Credit Info

Course CEUs:
Myopain Seminars DN2 has been approved by:
APTA of Alaska for 2.75 CEUs. Approval #: 03-08-22-03
APTA of Maryland for - 12.75 Theory. 14.75 Practical - 27.5 Total Dry Needling Hours
APTA of Tennessee -3.2 CEU’s or 32 contact hours
Florida Physical Therapy Association - 45 CEH (continuing education hours); FPTA Approval Number: CE22-717173; CE Broker Tracking #:20-717173
Illinois Physical Therapy Association - 27 traditional hours and 4 self-study hours
Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners - 3.7 CEUs or 37 contact hours
Ohio Physical Therapy Association - 27.25 hours

Total Credit(s)
  • CEUs : 3.7
  • CEH : 45
  • Hours : 27.25


  • Alternative Medicine

Target Audience

  • Physician
  • Nursing - RN
  • Dentist
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturist
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Nurses

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