Dry Needling 1: Foundations 1 Course is organized by Myopain Seminars and will be held from Sep 30 - Oct 02, 2022, at Myopain Seminars, LLC, Bethesda, Maryland, United States of America.

The DN-1 Foundations I course includes an overview of the background of dry needling, trigger points, and myofascial pain, an in-depth review of potential adverse events, an explanation of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards in relation to dry needling, and an introduction to pertinent pain sciences.
There are numerous muscles covered in this article that are frequently addressed in clinical practice, including the infraspinatus, upper trapezius, deltoid, sternocleidomastoid, triceps, biceps, brachialis, levator scapulae, latissimus dorsi (partially), the subscapularis, brachioradialis, wrist extensors, supin

A review of each muscle's anatomy, purpose, and dry needling procedures will be given to the students.

Course Objectives:
•  Name at least four anatomical structures to avoid when needling the sternocleidomastoid muscle
• Name at least 5 possible adverse events associated with dry needling
•  Demonstrate two different dry needling methods for the psoas major muscle
•  Compare and contrast three basic principles of dry needling and trigger point injections
•  Perform four specific muscle and region-specific manual therapy treatments to inactivate myofascial trigger points
•  Demonstrate proper identification of the three key features of a trigger point
•  Demonstrate proper identification of 25 muscles of the body by surface anatomy and function.


Event Start Date
30 Sep, 2022
Event Start Date
Event End Date
02 Oct, 2022
Event End Date



Course CEUs:
Myopain Seminars DN1 has been approved by:
• APTA of Alaska for 3.2 CEUs.  Approval #: 03-08-22-05
• APTA of Maryland for - 11 Theory. 16 Practical - 27 Total Dry Needling Hours
• APTA of Tennessee - 3.2 CEUs or 32 contact hours
• Florida Physical Therapy Association - 46 CEH (continuing education hours) FPTA Approval Number: CE22-717155; CE Broker Tracking #:20-717175
• Illinois Physical Therapy Association - 27 traditional hours and 4.5 self-study hours
• Maryland Board of Chiropractic - 27 credits
1. Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners - 3.8 CEUs or 38 contact hours
2. New Jersey State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners for 27 hours (11 hours academic/theory; 16 hours practical/hands-on)  Approval Number 2204-78
• Ohio Physical Therapy Association -  27 hours

Note: Many states, such as Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin, among many others, accept the CEUs approved by the Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.

  • CEUs - 3.8
  • Credits - 27
  • Hours - 27
  • CE Hours - 46
  • Contact Hours - 38

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