Critical Care: The Team Approach is organized by Northwest Anesthesia Seminars (NWAS) and will be held from Dec 12 - 15, 2022 at Hyatt Regency Savannah, Savannah, Georgia, United States of America.

Critical Care Medicine Practitioners must have a scientific background to practice clinically. They should also be able to maintain current knowledge of the specialty and all related disciplines that may affect it; maintain a current armamentarium with knowledge and skills to select and use complex equipment, pharmacological agent, and other procedures required for providing quality patient care; manage self and others to achieve common goals in the clinical setting, educational institutions and the local community where the practice is located; serve as an expert in matters related to health care delivery; serve as an informed manager for educational and clinical services, including acquisition and distribution resources that are necessary to meet professional goals; provide assistance and support to other service providers, institutions, and organizations that are dependent on the professional expertise of a practitioner. These presentations are intended to assist the healthcare provider in maintaining the skills they need to review and update their knowledge and abilities in one or several of the areas that are vital to the practice of medicine. 

At the conclusion of this informative activity, the participant will be better able to:
• Implement the relevant physical and behavioral sciences in such a way that they impact the planning, delivery, and monitoring of critical care services, as well as that the services themselves impact them.
• Explain how pharmaceuticals are selected, dose considerations, routes of administration, safe use, contraindications, and precautions based on the chemical and pharmacologic features of the drugs.
• Outline detailed management plans for the group of patients who have been described, regardless of whether they are similar in age, physical status, cultural background, invasive procedure, anesthetic or analgesic requirements, clinical setting, adverse reactions, or goals of care.
• Regardless of the clinical setting in which the practice is located, the concepts of safety and asepsis must be applied to perform all elements of patient care.
• Consider the recommendations and/or requirements of relevant external organizations, institutions, and professional groups when providing critical care services. These standards may include medical, legal, philosophical, ethical, or healthcare management.


Event Start Date
12 Dec, 2022
Event Start Date
Event End Date
15 Dec, 2022
Event End Date


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Hyatt Regency Savannah
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