Biomineralization Gordon Research Conference (GRC) 2022

By Gordon Research Conferences (GRC)

  • In-Person Event
  • Aug 14 - 19, 2022
  • Castelldefels, Barcelona Spain
  • EUR 1,555.00


Biomineralization Gordon Research Conference (GRC) 2022 is organized by Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) and will be held from Aug 14 - 19, 2022 at Gran Hotel Rey Don Jaime, Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain.

Conference Description:
Many multi- and unicellular organisms can produce biominerals. Biominerals have a variety of shapes, sizes, and morphologies that are quite different from synthetic counterparts. This is one of their most striking and fascinating characteristics. These composite materials can be assembled into hierarchical structures under cellular and genetic control and will play important roles in the organism's life span. Biominerals can have a significant impact on human health. If formed at the wrong time or place, they can cause cancer and pathology. Biominerals are a window into evolution and the history of Earth's past and have intimate and reciprocal relationships with their environment. Material scientists and engineers have been inspired by biomineralization to develop and design materials with complex structures and desirable mechanical and physical properties for industrial, medical, and dental applications.

Gordon Research Conference (GRC), on Biomineralization 2022 has as its goal to bring together scientists with diverse backgrounds from all disciplines, including biology, physics, and geology. The poster and speaker presenters will discuss a wide range of current topics that cover the genetic, molecular, and cellular mechanisms of the formation and structure of biomineralized tissue. The interaction of biominerals and the environment, their impact on health, disease, and the translational aspects of biomineralization will all be discussed.

The 2022 GRC will be held in conjunction with the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS). It will focus on 1) Bridging scientific disciplines to understand and interrogate biomineralization in breadth, and depth and 2) identifying universal scientific mechanisms and principles that are common to different mineralized tissue types, 3) identifying advanced in situ and in vitro strategies for studying mineralized tissues, and 4), continuing to explore scientific principles to support material fabrication and translational science.

More details will be added as soon as information becomes available.


  • Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
  • Physiology and Biophysics
  • Research and Clinical Research

Target Audience

  • Clinical Researchers
  • Clinical Geneticists

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